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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Question? Here’s An Answer!

Are you a recognized non-profit?

We are a non-profit 501c3 charity.

Where are you located?

We do not have a facility.  Our address and the state in which we’re filing for non-profit status, is Florida, USA. In a digitally connected world, we are able to serve ARMY by being a digitally based organization.

How do you accept donations?

At this time, we do not collect monetary donations and distribute them.  We vet those who need assistance, verify the need, and all donations go directly to them to use at their discretion.  Because of the speed at which ARBU has grown, we’re putting processes and systems in place at the same time we’re trying to help those in need. Please bear with us as we catch up to the growth. 
At the time we begin collecting monetary donations through secure channels for approved recipients, we will provide donors with tax information and our financial reports will be available via Guidestar or other non profit reporting agencies, accessible through a link on our website.

How did your organization start?

The organization was started by Karlie Dobbs and quickly went from a Facebook group to a charity organization.  Army supporting Army is the basis for the community we wish to grow and serve.  Through a network of BTS Army individuals, we want to connect those in need with resources available.

How do I apply for assistance or resources for myself or someone else?

To request assistance, an application must be completed.  A phone conversation and proof of need is required as well.  Click "need help?" at the top of the page to get started.

How can I volunteer?

We have volunteers in multiple countries.  You may apply to volunteer by clicking "get involved" at the top of the page. All you need is internet access and a love for BTS and helping others. 
We also need those willing to be a resource for those in need.  Tutors, legal professionals or anything that might serve as support for ARMY going through challenging times or situaitons. 

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