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Play Counter Strike Online For Free


Play Counter Strike Online For Free

I love playing Counter Strike: Go. I enjoy the realism and ability to make my opponent feel like he/she is only inches from my forehead at any moment. I also enjoy the community and the fun that comes from meeting guys from all over the world. Its fun to be at home for hours at a time while you play with people you would never get to interact with in person. You have a blast playing. I will NEVER forget the first time I got to go up against the most expensive player in the world, the ETSU kid. I still remember the first couple kills he made and the little chuckle I had while he went to check his pockets. I was so happy and excited and proud. The only way they could make the game better would be if you could actually play against a dude from Nepal. That would be dope. If there were like a shop mode where you could buy more weapons or even skins and then play against a hacker in another room. I would be so happy.

It is my passion and hobby. I spend days and nights in my room programming, creating, and trying to good. I have worked for an information security magazine, server company and social networking system. Everything else is nothing.

I feel ready to compete with anyone who plays. I logged a decent amount of hours practicing, luckily I know my weaknesses so I can focus on those. There's no passion in Counter-Strike like there is in competitive StarCraft or Dance Dance Revolution. For one, you have to play really well if you're lucky enough to have good trainers and coaches.

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