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I have to say I loved them both, in particular The Muppets version, which, more or less, stuck closer to Dickens original story than practically any other film version - apart from giving Charles Dickens a big blue nose and introducing us to the Marley twins in order to make use of both Statler and Waldorf! I thought Michael Caine gave one of the best performances of Scrooge I've ever seen, imbuing him with a pathos that suggests he (Scrooge not Michael) is very much a product of a miserable past.

In fairness, since this was the first version with sound, there was nothing to look back to as a benchmark and you get the impression that the screen writer, H. Fowler Mear, and the director, Henry Edwards, began with the best of intentions of following Dickens storyline as faithfully as possible but that they put so much effort and time into setting up the atmosphere, and contrasting the gulf between the rich and the poor of Victorian London, that, by the time Scrooge got home for the start of his Christmas Eve redemption, there was no money left in the kitty to do anything else.

In this version, there are no phantoms wandering hither and thither outside Scrooge's window; his doomed romance with his fiancée, Belle, is doomed to have never happened; the "wretched, frightful, hideous children," want and ignorance, are nowhere to be seen - let alone cowering within the folds of the robes of the Ghost of Christmas Present; and the thieves who ransack Scrooge's room after his demise in the Christmas Yet To Come Sequence are also conspicuous by their absence.

That said, this version most certainly has redeeming features. It does, for example, possess the warmth of the original Dickens story and, with its overall feel good factor, it is easy to see why this remained the most famous version on American television until Alastair Sim's adaptation began to receive widespread exposure in the 1970's.

Then, just when you think it's safe to come out from behind the sofa, Christopher Cook, as Tiny Tim, lets rip with a mournful ditty, watched by his adoring mum as she turns the goose on the spit and looks awfully like Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days. "Bless us everyone" her precious, and precocious, Timmy warbles, as the camera cuts to a close up of Scrooge's face, and you sense that he is praying for the goose fat to set fire to the hearth and burn the house down so that he can go home and have a decent night's sleep.

As the song dies away, and Mrs Dilber looks awkwardly around her, wondering if she was meant to exit stage left or stage right, the camera cuts to Scrooge, who is reclining in bed and appears to be sleeping peacefully, despite the fact that a loud baritone voice is singing about "a pair of rattling chains" that came "clanking through the gloom," before continuing with, "And while he lay there shivering, in the icy wind of fear, the ghost of Scrooge's partner, Jacob Marley, did appear."

This version breaks with other adaptations in that, at one stage, a group of writhing, shrouded figures chain Scrooge to his gravestone, whilst tormenting him mercilessly; and the camera pans in so close on his face that I fast forwarded to the end credits to see if Basil Rathbone's dentist got a well deserved mention.

We first encounter Quincy (hands up all those who didn't know his first name was Quincy) Magoo, "Broadway's Beau Brummel," driving the wrong way down a one way street en route to the theatre where he is, according to the critical notices that pepper the opening sequence, wowing audiences with his critically lauded version of A Christmas Carol.

However, the scenes that are included remain reasonably faithful to the book and Magoo actually delivers many of Dickens original lines verbatim without, as has happened in several recent versions, any attempt to alter or simplify them in order to make them understandable to modern ears.

However, given that this version, airing as it did

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