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Download Umbra V1.5


Download Umbra V1.5

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In September 2021, the first batch of 51 Starlink Block v1.5 satellites featuring laser intersatellite links was launched. These satellites no longer have visors, but have improved coatings, as the visors reportedly interferred with the laser communication teminals.

The FIELDS instrument combines magnetic and electric field measurements into a single, coordinated experiment. Magnetic fields are measured using both fluxgate and search-coil (induction) magnetometers mounted on a deployable boom in the spacecraft umbra. FIELDS will make electric field measurements both as a current-biased resistively-coupled double-probe instrument (Harvey et al. 1995; Bonnell et al. 2009; Wygant et al. 2013) and as a capacitively-coupled radio and plasma wave instrument (Bougeret et al. 1995, 2008). This places several constraints on the geometry and surfaces of the antenna system, and upon the design of the preamplifier and receiver electronics. In addition to the primary measurement objectives of electric and magnetic fields and waves, the FIELDS measurements will provide very accurate electron density and temperature measurements, density and velocity fluctuation measurements, and signatures of dust impacts on the SPP spacecraft.

The sensor design for the SPP MAGs (Fig. 9) will provide maximum thermal isolation from the boom, which will undergo considerable temperature variation, depending on its location in the umbra or in sunlight. Kinematic mounts limit the heat transfer across the feet of the sensor. The heritage of the kinematic mounts derives from the Juno magnetometers, where they were used to ensure that the sensor temperature variation was limited. Heater power is provided by a proportional AC heater to reduce the temperature variations of the sensors and to provide survival heating. The heater is synchronized to a frequency provided by the MEP. The sensor mass requirements have lead to use of a lightweight composite base.

A schematic of the spacecraft magnetometer boom and sensors, shown deployed. Two fluxgate magnetometers are located at 1.9 m (MAGi) and 2.72 m (MAGo) from the rear deck of the spacecraft. The V5 voltage sensor is at 3.08 m and the search coil magnetometer (SCM) is located at the end of the boom: 3.5 m from the spacecraft. This is a relatively short boom, constrained to remain in the spacecraft umbra at perihelion. SCM data will require special processing to remove the drive signal from the fluxgates

All FIELDS science data products at Level 2 and above will be made available in ISTP-compliant CDF files, using the FIELDS webpage hosted at UC Berkeley. The CDF files will also be distributed to public archives such as SPDF/CDAWeb. Quicklook plots of summary science data will be made available via the FIELDS webpage. Software tools for analysis of FIELDS data will be made publically available. These tools will be based on the THEMIS Data Analysis Software (TDAS), which consists of a set of IDL routines which can be used to download, analyze, and make publication quality plots from CDF files. In addition to the THEMIS mission, TDAS software has been recently used to provide access to RBSP/EFW and MMS data. The similarity of the FIELDS data products to those produced by THEMIS and EFI will make development of the FIELDS TDAS routines straightforward.

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