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Lhen, BTS Army from the Phillipines

     Lhen is currently facing hardships in her place of living. Since the pandemic started, Lhen’s work has been really inconsistent and she’s been out of work for months. She is currently responsible for 9 people, including herself. When it rains, water invades her home where her family has built a makeshift roof top in attempt to keep the water out.

The Philippines are across the world for most of us. But how amazing is it that Army stretches that far?! From where YOU are, you can help her and make a huge impact on her life. It doesn’t take much, but imagine if everyone that reads this gives $2 or $5 or $20?

We can do this, Army! Let’s help one of our own who needs us!

You can find her PayPal at:

We love you, Lhen and know that ARMY will always have your back. With us, you’ll never walk alone.


*all donations go directly to Lhen and will be used at recipient’s discretion

*there is a conversion rate when figuring in the different currencies of our members

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