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Seoul Searching

Hello (안녕하세요)! I would like to introduce you to Sammie (쌔미), who is the author of Seoul Searching - a book that will not only captivate you with the twists and turns of love, drama, friends and more, but will also teach you Korean words through context. Sammie is a half Cuban (mom’s side) half Italian (dad’s side) Jersey girl who works hard writing, editing, and all things that come with being an author and social media influencer. When she is not working, you can find her spending time with her big furbaby and family.

Here is a excerpt from her website :

“I started writing when I was in the fifth grade. At first, it was your run of the mill journal entries. I still have those journals and have looked back on them several times and cringe. It then became stories of things I wished I had said or done, and soon simply stories of other characters and creatures. I thank my mother forever for the creative writing gene as she is a New York Time Best-Selling author.

I came up with the concept of this site from SAT books I read when I was in high-school. Yes, SAT books (Did you not grasp I was a nerd yet?). The concept of the books were to teach you SAT vocabulary by throwing the words into enjoyable books. I remember one that was a summer romance specifically and I remember reading it several times. Those books made learning enjoyable. And that’s where the idea of Korean From Context stemmed from. I’m excited to play and explore my own world with this site and I hope you enjoy the journey with me and my friends!”

Sammie (쌔미) - known by most as Samantha Ann - her friends Linds (린스) and Aleda (알리다) are the dream team behind KFC, with all having long histories of being accomplished writers who enjoy passing along the love and creative bug to all that they meet. Click the link below to follow along and learn more about the author, the process, and pick up a few words along the way!

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