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Top 5 Favorite BTS Songs

Hello fellow ARMY! My name is Deanna (pronounced like Dee-anne-Ah)! Today I’m going to list my top favorite BTS songs and why. If you haven’t heard them, please give them a listen! “No More Dream” - This song I will hold in my heart forever because it is not only their debut song, but this is the very first song I’d heard by them. It means so much to me because it started me on my journey as an ARMY.

“Magic Shop” - Magic Shop to me is a place where BTS and ARMY can come together without a care in the world: no drama, no hate, just the two. ARMY is BTS’s Magic Shop and vice versa. We find comfort in each other's galaxy.

“Mikrokosmos” - Mikrokosmos reminds me that no matter the darkness we all face, BTS and ARMY will light the way for one another.

“Pied Piper” - I mean who wouldn’t love this song, it was made just for ARMY.

“Black Swan” - I don’t know what it is about this song that makes me love it so much. Maybe it’s the way the rapline stood out to me or the visuals of the music video. It makes me feel like I’m in another universe, dark and scary yet calm and peaceful.

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